It's Been A While

The very few of you who read this know that I am not a prolific blogger. One's opinions have only so much shelf life.

What interests me more is whether what I wrote in the book and what I have written here holds up under the high beam of time. I think it does. Not a single major prosecution. not one. And now Hillary Clinton, of all hypocrites, laments the "horrors" of Wall Street. What are the odds Trump would jail his Wall Street buddies, put companies out of business? Slim and none. Sadly, the behaviors that caused the collapse of the economy are being repeated already. The housing and lending industries just won't have it any other way. The few reforms that were instituted are keeping the volumes down, but for how long? Not too long, I predict. But, hey, it's been going on for fifty years, why stop now?

To those who write self-aggrandizing Comments to these posts, please don't. You're not going to get any business that way, and all you do is screw up my inbox.


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