It's Official-Crime Pays

It's official: the Government of the United States aids, abets, condones, forgives, and derives profits from mortgage and foreclosure fraud. From the outset it was obvious that Obama/Holder were not going to prosecute anyone. The predictions were published here.  Now not even civil relief is being afforded the victims of the greatest fraud in history. This Administration is a disgrace to the rule of law.

The so-called "settlement" with major banks for mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud announced today is an abrogation of the rule of law, a violation of the oath of any Justice Department lawyer who did not resign in protest of this travesty, and an indicator that more fraud will surely come.

Obama/Holder have permitted the major financial institutions of the world to commit crimes with impunity. In a very short time this fact will disappear into the void of public oblivion, and the big boys will be right back at it. What is not deterred becomes incentive. This is yet another sad day for the law.


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