Occupy Wall Street-Cousin to Tea Party

People tear down Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party as fringe lunatics of the left and the right. No doubt some are, but I believe most are not. I believe millions are just like me, well educated, articulate- and concerned. Unlike media extremists who denigrate Occupy Wall Street AND the Tea Party as fringe groups bent on mayhem from either the left or the right, I believe these movements reflect a deep and justified concern that this government, our government, has abandoned the rule of law, and has rewarded, rather than punished, bankers, unions, solar businesses, teachers, and other constituents with billions in taxpayer dollars, while providing no meaningful opportunity for average Americans to recover from this severe economic crisis.
$60-$90 Billion has been lost on Medicare fraud under Obama alone. The reason? He and his "Justice" Department haven't been proactive in rooting out fraud. Lazy may be a good word, or, perhaps, corrupt. $14 Billion in auto bailout dollars, "...will never be retrieved." according to a major media report. Who got the bulk of that? Unions. That's over $1.4 million per each job this President arrogantly says he "saved". $1 million per soldier per day in the Middle East. $538 million down the tubes to Solyndra, the political patronage cesspool of the Green Movement. Billions more to follow as green jobs never get created or are terminated at birth. What kind of stewardship is that?
Not a single major Wall Street banker or institution has been, or will be, indicted for trillions in mortgage fraud. $60-$90 billion wasted on Medicare fraud because the government hasn’t pursued wrongdoers. Campaign contributors get solar money-$538 million, and throw it away. Unions and banks feast at the public trough. These are the root causes of the Occupy and Tea Party movements. This is the mythical Main Street finally speaking out. Americans are saying, “We’re not stupid!” Washington needs to pay attention. Washington really needs to change-before it is too late.


It's great that banksters Credit Suisse have been fined for their evil ways - but why hasn't anyone gone to jail? A bank is a financial institution so fining them means nothing; they can recover the fine in many ways from their clients. Bang them up though and it'll actually cause them genuine grief. We need to see punishment that means something to the banks, for all our sakes.

BANKS + UNIONS VS MAIN ST? REALLY?? Many typical normal Americans are members of unions (carpenters, school teachers, hotel workers, police, etc) and none of them seem to be whistleblowing about massive fraud. Unions work to protect their members' pensions, while these scam Mortgage-Backed Securities the banks sold have made people's pensions dry up and disappear. no contest *shakes head in disdain*

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